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Check off Halloween for Your Little Monster

As a parent, you may already be thinking of how you are going to dress your little one this year to run through the neighborhood and conquer that ultimate challenge of Halloween. Or you may be a new parent and thinking, what can I dress my baby in to fill a bag of candy for my own personal stash? 

We have a simple answer - our newest Costume Onesies from Dinky Dives! 

Choose from costumes inspired by Captain America, Mr. Fantastic, Bat Girl, the Joker, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel or even our ever popular Jedi. 

All of these are available now and will get to you for your Halloween celebration. Plus, check back as we have a few more in our pumpkin patch coming soon. 

And don't forget, there are other Halloween treats for baby like our Wonka Bar, Ghostbusters and our Great Pumpkin Believer inspired designs.

Spend less time worrying about what to wear and more plotting out your route in the neighborhood. Don't forget to star the houses that give out full size bars!

Happy Haunting!  

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